You don’t impart God’s Mercy & Grace on abortionists. Only Sanger & Obama do that.

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    Nick_A 14 May, 2013 at 21:49 Reply

    One of the saddest effects of the secular progressive agenda is its destruction of respect for life in women.

    Women have a natural respect for life which is why their influence is so vital for the concept “One Nation under God.” They supply an inner quality that reminds a free people of their psychological obligations towards life and ones neighbor necessary to remain free.

    The secular progressive only stresses rights and this attitude is a spirit killer. As a result many women close off to their natural respect for life making baby killing for convenience psychologically tolerable. I wonder how many women would continue with an abortion for convenience after reading and contemplating what Simone Weil wrote:

    There Comes

    If you do not fight it—if you look, just
    look, steadily,
    upon it,

    there comes
    a moment when you cannot do it,
    if it is evil;

    if good, a moment
    when you cannot

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