Your Vote 2012: The Power of Participation | WORLD compass

This is a panel discussion on voter participation in the US and in Ghana.  I’m on the panel, skyped in of course!  Check it out!  My first national TV appearance…

Your Vote 2012: The Power of Participation | WORLDcompass.

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  1. centenniel 6 October, 2012 at 14:33 Reply

    Good discussion! The panelists were interesting, thoughtful and well spoken. The moderator kept the ideas connected and the discussion flowed at a good pace. The contrast in voter participation in the U.S. and in Ghana made for an interesting but not surprising subject, given the dismal record of voter turnout of the youth and minority citizens in this country. But given the long and painful struggle for the right to vote in the U.S., as a black person, I would think black Americans of all people, would take their right to vote as a sacred duty, and not treat it as something to be taken for granted along with our comfortable lifestyles. Maybe it’s because of our abundance and the blessings of liberty left to us by previous generations beginning with the founders, is how we became disconnected from those who fought to give future generations the precious right to vote. To our own peril, we have become lazy and clueless. I wonder what average Ghanaians think of this sad development.

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