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Hello breaking Brown family your black world family is Yvette Carnell I know I
haven’t been on YouTube for quite some time some of your miss me anyway what I
want to talk about today is Donald Trump you knew it was going to take Donald
Trump for me to have a conversation today and I really am disappointed I
can’t even say I’m disappointed the reaction to what Donald Trump said
because i’m really not i really expected black people to go in on Donald Trump
when he said that we are poor because part of the problem is that we are
delusional like we don’t believe we’re poor we can give you all type of
Statistics talking about you can give you should give black people opportunity
you should help black people but the minute Donald Trump says you’re poor
what do you have to lose black people had a problem and it makes no sense
Donald Trump state black people are poor he said your schools are failing what do you have to lose
and that’s just the truth and you know i was watching MSNBC earlier this week and
I saw this woman I don’t know who she was an MSNBC I don’t know if I’ve seen her before
obviously didn’t remember her but I saw her say well you know he’s being
condescending to black people and not all black people are poor and I’m kind
of sick of hearing it because most black people are poor or in the working class
like that’s poverty you know this is what happens when you don’t have any
inheritance you don’t have any inheritance we don’t have good schools
that there was a study recently show most black people you know but the
majority of the black community go to failing schools okay we don’t have any
inheritance we have failing schools there are no jobs that means that we are
part of a permanent underclass I don’t care what the girl investment details
you who wears a nice weave I don’t care what she says we’re part of a permanent
underclass right now and you don’t have to you don’t have to trust what I’m
saying to you the only thing you have to do is look at the data don’t look at me
just look at the data the average the media my family not average we’re
talking about media network is like a hundred and eighteen thousand for black people is around six styles for black women
and who are single they have they have what average wealth in the amount of a
hundred dollars top 5% of black people what you’re talking about right there in
terms of worth in terms of assets is 350 thousand dollars that’s nothing
even if you look at the top 1% of black people in terms of median in terms of
media you know in terms of media worth there’s about a little over 1 million
we’re talking to media for the top 1% for white people is around eight million
ok so you don’t have to hear anything that I’m saying to know that black
people are poor you see there there was a study that came out a while ago to
show that something like 17 black people who are born into the middle class will fall below the middle class 7 and 10
do you understand what those numbers mean that means that you will do worse
than your black parents 17 7 and 10 times that is not that is not you do the
people in that community don’t have a right to say oh we’re not poor
yes you are you just using a delusion it’s just that you watch too many rap
videos you’ve seen the game you know and his is not a game on he had he had a
lovely red bit ly or something like that and it looked like a bit ly it might have been armed
yeah was apparently it wasn’t Rose was a bit ly and you’ve watched too much of
there is other little this little bright bryson tiller or something he’s easily
so he’s R&B singer he was posing in front of her like a Ferrari or something
and so we see that so much that we don’t understand that most of the times people
even have real money they just tell you they have real money and if the people
black people who do have real money are members of like not even the top one
percent but the old one percent so we shouldn’t even be judging who we are and
who we think we are on those people because they’re not a good
representation of the black community and the black communities well the black
communities earnings the black communities income so you know the one
thing that I wish that would just stop happening is I was that all of these
hip-hop people would stop just posing in front of a car every time they got some
money you know it’s funny we don’t see Bill Gates right now he has more mine out and put together we don’t see him
every time he gets a new car pose in front of a car because it’s just stupid
it’s just what children do so what you see what a lot of these black
celebrities isn’t there their children groan people’s bodies they’re still
bragging about their cars and things they have anything is we know that you
know the bankruptcy is coming so I don’t even know why anybody cheers that all
because the minute the bankruptcy comes you say oh my gosh I can’t believe why
don’t you why don’t you take care of his money more because he needed the tail
because you needed him to be wealthy you need him to put on his fake in his
fraudulent thing you know so that’s the only reason if it wasn’t for black
athletes if it wasn’t for black celebrities we wouldn’t we wouldn’t know
the black people don’t have money if it wasn’t for credit if you had to pay can
go get a house like you have to do in third world countries you would know
that your poor there is you don’t let your poor is because you can go and get
alone and part of the other reason we don’t know the report there are a lot of
white people who aren’t telling the whole story even why people who are poor
haven’t haven’t haven’t have a worth of ten thousand dollars even white people
who are poor so you look at that guy in the trailer park and you say oh he’s
he’s he’s messed up just like me know even in poverty he’s doing better than
you you have a negative work in poverty he still he still has something
according to that that study to show 202 you know it’s a 22 and 28 years for
black first four black family to have the same well of a white family the day
that’s what that studies show so I don’t need Donald Trump to say the black people are poor and don’t have anything to lose
I already know that we’re poor I already know like where we are we can look at
what was the Milwaukee we look at what’s causing they were talking about we just
saw the rise there right and when you look at when you look at what happened
you saw there was another side show that most of these black communities pockets
of blackness work these were these were actually prisons and jails is section
eight you know we have a community and collapse and why I despise the people
that go on MSNBC like joy reid and the people that she has on our show is
because day in and day out they like to black people they say no Donald Trump is wrong
doing better than that look at me I’m on TV look at me I’m just 1 i’m
interviewing she has a company and they say we’re doing better than that and the
truth is they’re lying and they lied to us every day and that’s why i’m so sick
I’m so I’d try to personalize them singing joy Reid I’m sick of the people to see invites on her show
I’m sick of her speaking on behalf of black people I’m sick of charles blow
speaking on behalf of black people i don’t represent black people and neither
do these people the data represents you don’t so what I want you to do is just
get involved in the data everything out everything I said on here can be proven
everything I said on here there’s a data that supports it don’t just listen to people who are lying to you and don’t just believe
because you went to brunch on Sunday that you’re required to middle class
because what happens if you lose your job
the the was support so many of these people that we see when we talk about
when we talk about well is that there are structures and institutions that
support these people you know their instructions and institutions that
support you know these these white people who are doing well you know
there’s no structure institution that supports us your bill clinton
welfare bill clinton was the one who decided to put us in jail and imagine
numbers especially black man there’s nothing that supports us anymore so for
Joy Reid to go on and talk about we’re not poor that’s condescending she’s a
liar and she should be called out for being you know a liar i think that was
there was there was a study that was also slated showed like the majority of
Americans are too poor shop think about it
to poor to shop 20-percent twenty percent now the majority correct myself twenty
percent of americans are too poor shop now understand that would be low
Americans we were below a team Latinos in terms of economics so if twenty
percent of all Americans is too poor to shop that means about fifty percent of
black people are relegated to the to at least $MONEY to the dollar store and to
ross and stuff like that were too poor to go shopping like other people go shopping
this is a community and collapse the black community is imploding right now
and people like joy Reid are lying to you straight face about what you’re
going through to make you feel better feel
well it’s not so bad Donald Trump just a mean guy and have no love without a
trial not probably not gonna vote for Donald Trump not gonna vote for Hillary
Clinton but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong you have to be able to see outside of that kind of blind hatred with Donald
Trump to see you know what he might have a point just because i’m not going to
vote no just because I don’t necessarily like his politics doesn’t mean that he’s wrong he’s not wrong we are poor
we’re poor and we’re not moving where downwardly mobile
do you understand what it means to be the richest country in the world for let
the past 400 years and still be downwardly mobile everybody comes in
this country and just climb to the top over your back and you’re still
downwardly mobile and you got that joy we get on TV and talk to you and love
you like that and not call her out about it why because you get the ghost of
smoke cigars and Kanye tell me how tell me how long you will be ok if you lost
your job if you lost your job tomorrow those of you out there who have jobs
tell me how long you will be alright and tell me if you need another job who
could you call on do you do you have like a Jewish do you have like a Jewish
uncle do you have do you have a white like maybe works in HR work somewhere where they’re
hiring kids and you put a good word
we don’t have that we don’t have those kinds of people we don’t have those
kinds of structures that make sure that we okay we’re at the bottom of we’re staying at the bottom
people don’t understand like it’s not about somebody just hating you because you’re black
Jim Crow didn’t happen because black people black ahead nappy hair and they
just didn’t like us that we’re monkeys know what happened to shut us down at
the shutters out of Economic Opportunity and we’ve still been shut out and I
don’t care what joy retail you would align still she’s wrong she doesn’t
understand the numbers or she doesn’t care because she’s got hers so I mean
this is the president took over after you know I have to melissa harris-perry
you know left after Melissa harris-perry she didn’t look back
so I question a lot of her decisions that question who she’s a question her integrity on a lot of fronts but don’t listen to her
don’t listen to these people who was just kind of I mean you know just kinda lying to us
I mean youyou at a certain point you have to take responsibility for who you
listen to the data is there you know what it is you
to video I’m going to put links up to some of this data to let you know where
it isn’t what I’m talking I’m not gonna get on here and talk like joy reid and
all the other people have one MSNBC and not give you the data the data is there
so this is what i’m saying what i’m saying is that you know you can’t listen to these people
what I’m saying is that we are poor what I’m saying is that Donald Trump is not wrong in terms of where we are
he is not wrong in terms of what we have to lose you know whether you vote for
jill stein whether you vote for Donald Trump whether you whoever you vote for
understand that the Democrats the democratic party hasn’t really been
doing anything for us and he’s right about that doesn’t mean that he’s a
solution i’m not saying he is what I’m saying that I don’t see how you I don’t
see how you throw your hand when Hillary Clinton this is the person who use Haiti decided not to go into Rwanda this is the guy who decided that we’re gonna make sure that the UN doesn’t go into 12 either he said we’re not going to do
genocide anymore but how many bodies how many hundreds of thousands of black
people died because you know Bill Clinton just didn’t want to do it so I
don’t know how you put your vote in with the Clintons there’s nothing that you
can say to me that says yeah I might help me clean it’s never gonna happen so
I think what we have to understand is that we are poor Donald Trump is right
Bernie Sanders was right when he said and it’s only our kind of delusion and I
kind of self-esteem which is based on anything that kind of deluded into
thinking that we aren’t poor we are poor and we have to do something about it but
until we can’t do anything about it until we accept the fact that we are
poor and the richest country in the world where the pores and we’ve been
here the longest it doesn’t make sense and so when you think about a debt what you have to
decide what are we going to do about it
let’s accept it we are poor now what are we gonna do we are we are even those of
us who have degrees we have dead dead a lot of us will never pay off what are we
going to do where poor and until you pay off your debt your poor if you have you
have 3400 and hard tore down today you’re poor you don’t have any money you act or thousands
dead on your back so i think we have to you like i said dat matters and we have
to start following the data we gotta stop find these people on MSNBC who can defeat us this garbage
no data matters and let’s follow the data let’s have this conversation and
then once you accept the data that we are poor then we can talk about what we can do about it ok
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