2012 National Debt Road Trip *Video*

At BlogCon Charlotte last week attendees were given a smorgasborg of delectable presentations that showcased a realm of talent that bordered on the absurd.  One such video was so unforgettable, so straighforward, so well done, that I had to share it.  It’s not just a video, it’s a shocking visual on where this country is headed under the unleadhershippy leadership of Obama.


via Political Math

Back in 2009 I made a visualization about the deficits we were expecting under President Barack Obama. I called it the “National Debt Road Trip” and it was moderately popular.

Today, after nearly 3 years, I have updated it with a new video:


And before my Liberalicious trolly riders get all het up and start blasting the blog with 400 word comments on how “This can’t be right and it was all Bush’s fault, so lay off my baby Barack!” Please take a look at the source material for this video here.  Now.  Fire away…

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