A historical perspective on Obama’s statements on high oil prices- VIDEO

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    Margaret 22 March, 2012 at 01:12 Reply

    Cheney invited oil men into a ‘secret meeting? What about Joe Biden’s meeting with Big Pharma on June 30, 2009 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.? What deal did he broker with Big Pharma to get Obummercare passed? Big Pharma gets to develop toxic drugs that are ineffective in clinical trials 100% of the time, which our insurance companies cringe at the cost of paying, and they take cheap, effective alternatives off the market or put them back on at a 2500X increase. Our cost of insurance for the family has gone from $2500 to $4700 in three years!!! Big Pharma is creating artificial shortages of common drugs like tetracycline so that there will be justification to deny care to the elderly. And the government is dictating to our doctors who and what they are to discriminate against because of ‘scarce resources.’ ‘Scarce Resources???” — in the United States of America??? When has our healthcare system ever had ‘scarce resources?”Want to know what individuals are responsible for this policy in the administration and who they think should get medication? Read the January 30, 2009 Lancet Article on the Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources — children under ten aren’t people, and people over 50 have had their most productive years. Authored by one of the architects of ‘The Affordable Healthcare Act’ Ezekiel Emmanuel, who was quoted in the WSJ last week about how excited he is to get to sit in the gallery at the Supreme Court and listen to the arguments about the Constitionality of the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act.’DHS is holding meetings with physicians and telling them how its going to be, and none of their new policies have the approval of our Congressional representatives, and they have not been discussed in public. There is no process for appealing the new government rules for our doctors about what they can and can not do for us. You can bet there will be ‘waivers’ but what will the criteria be? Who will you have to know to get your Mom quick treatment if she is over 70 and has a stroke?

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