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Hey SOTR Nation:

The Stacy on the Right Show is now a daily local radio show and a syndicated one, that’s two radio shows every day y’all!!!  On April 30th I broadcast my last weekend SOTR show on FM New Talk 97.1.  I chose to end the program because my daily syndicated show is doing very well and the time that I devote to preparing and actually broadcasting the weekend program is better spent developing, writing and working in my new role as a Co-chair of Project 21 at National Center.

In mid April, Jeff Allen and I decided that April 30th would be the final broadcast.  I left on good terms and greatly respect everyone at the station especially Jeff Allen, John Beck, Jamie Allman and Dave Glover.  The producers and staff at Emmis Communications have been wonderful to work with and I am so grateful for my time there.  But it was time to move on.

That the timing coincided with the end of my freelance writing relationship with the St. Louis Post Dispatch is purely coincidental. The suspension from that paper has been so wonderfully beneficial to me, I am grateful for what happening.

The opportunity to do a local daily radio program here in St. Louis presented itself around this time and I accepted.  So from 11-1 every day I’m delivering the same blistering, fun, honest, engagingly information packed radio show that you have come to love on the weekends on The Talk of St. Louis, WGNU 920 AM.

In November, three and a half years ago a weekly two hour radio show lit up the airwaves of St. Louis with culturally relevant conservative talk. Last summer the show moved to Sunday nights and an even larger audience.  That same show went into daily syndication in October of 2016.  Now as the syndicated show heats up and grows, a daily two hour program in St. Louis is live and direct to you daily.


Please tune in by live stream every day at: www.wgnu920am.com and also to my syndicated show by the same name which airs on Urban Family Talk every day at 2pm. The podcasts are there as well.  Share the show y’all!

Thanks for being on this journey with me.  Each subscriber here is a blessing to me and your comments and emails spur me on!


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