AFP Missouri Summit | Healthcare Discussion

CATO Institute’s Michael Cannon spoke to a packed room about the true effects of Obamacare (ObamaTax).  Here are brief remarks on the discussion:


Michael Cannon

Results of the passage of ObamaTax

Premiums wil go up, they already have.

Will not result in better access to care.

Child only healthcare plans in 17 states have gone out of business, due to passage.

Dependent coverage for 6,000 children was eliminated because to passage.

The story of Diamante Driver, a 12 year old boy with Medicaid coverage that died from an infected tooth.  He could’nt find a dentist that would take Medicaid.  This is just one case, imagine what will happen once 16 million more Americans are added to the insurance rolls, with the price controls in effect.  More patients, fewer doctors willing to take the government mandated insurance plans; more needless deaths.

ObamaTax can be repealed: here’s how.

States are not required to create the Healthcare Exchanges

  • States can block the $2000 per worker penalty by not implementing the exchanges.
  • Businesses will flock to the states that refuse to implement the penalty.
  • Medicaid expansion will cost $900 Billion which goes to the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Hospitals
  • Simply refuse to expand the Medicaid program, saving the nation $1.3 Trillion

“There’s one train leaving the station, it’s REPEAL and you had better be on it.”

Michael Cannon


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