American posts on White House Petition website: “Resign”

Sometimes one word has more impact, more punch, more oomph.  Since September the Obama Administration has been seeking out the opinions of American Citizens through a petition website.  If your idea gets the needed 25,000 signatures then you get an actual response to your suggestion from the White House.  

It’s a silly idea really, since we all have paid representation in Washington, that should be bringing the very best ideas forward and working to garner the needed support to pass (or repeal) legislation for the betterment of this nation.  But I digress.  

via The Blaze:

WH Begins Petition Your Government Website, Resign Position Started

And that isn’t all folks!  The “Resign” petition is open until April 4th, 2012, so don’t allow this opportunity to go to waste!  Head on over there and sign that puppy!  I long to see the answer.  From Policy Experts.  Really.  I do.


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