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American Black Church: where are you?

In the national firestorm over the firing of Phil Robertson over his stated belief in the Bible and opposition to sin, a clarion call can be heard for Christians of every stripe, and the Black Church specifically, to stand up for Faith in America. It’s odd but not surprising that silence is the answer from […]

Why I oppose the Homosexual Lobby

People keep asking me why I care what homosexuals do. “It doesn’t affect you!!!” : says the pansified pushover. The question is ignorant of the realities if the homosexual lobby. They will NEVER stop. They want to “FEEL” acceptance from 100% of the population of the entire planet. They’ll never get that so they are […]

Atheists are unhappy that its Christmas time again…

If I said the earth was flat and spent my time convincing others of the same would that change anything about the earth’s shape? Denying the existence of God changes nothing. The attacks on Christianity are a reflection of a rising cultural illiteracy that plagues this nation. Our founding documents mean nothing without morality and […]
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Megyn Kelly wows on Leno…

Well she’s not a Democrat, she’s not a Republican… Either way, having her on Fox is good for us. A truth teller is ALWAYS appreciated. Related articles Megyn Kelly ‘brings it’ to ‘The Tonight Show’ ( Megyn Kelly goes on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ( Please follow and like us:

Project 21 members speak out against Cowardly Knockout Attacks

Obama, Black Political Establishment Criticized for Failure to Directly Address “Knockout Game” Violence For Release: December 4, 2013 Contact: David Almasi at (202) 543-4110 x11 or (703) 568-4727 or or Judy Kent at (703) 759-7476 or WASHINGTON, DC — In no uncertain terms, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are calling […]

Dean Clancy and Andrew Malcolm on The Stacy on the ...

The Stacy on the Right Show Every Saturday 5-7 pm CT on FM News Talk 97.1 KFTK Hey everyone! Tune in today to hear Healthcare Reform Solutions from Dean Clancy, VP of Policy for Freedomworks! Tweet Dean: @DeanClancy Additionally we have Andrew Malcolm coming on to discuss GOP strategy after Congressional passage of the “Upton […]

Veterans Day: HOO-RAH! #SOTR

On Veterans Day I think of my family’s history of service, and how that way of life has impacted my view of America. My great Grandfather served in the Army in WWII. My Grandfather served in the Army in the Korean Conflict. My Father served in Vietnam, also Army. My husband and I served in […]

A Huge Thank You from #SOTR

Thanks to everyone who listened to the show last night and/ or the debut show the weekend before. Many have asked for the track list of the bumper music from the show: Passion Pit – Take A Walk Portugal The Man – Purple Yellow Red & Blue Gooding – Hey Hey Repeat Repeat – History […]

ICYMI: The SOTR Show debuts tomorrow!

Coming up! Debuting tomorrow: The Stacy on the Right Show: Saturdays 5-7 pm CST on FM NewsTalk 97.1! Live stream it here: Stacy on the Right Show Find KFTK on iHeart and TuneIn radio apps for your phone as well! Tomorrow we’ll talk Obamacare, Healthcare Reform, local education issues, Bitstrips, and much, much more. Please […]

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