GSA Las Vegas trip scandal highlights real reasons the government needs more “revenue”

The GSA takes a trip to Las Vegas on the taxpayers and spends more than $800,000 on 300 government employees.  Hypocrisy much?  We just keep getting the distinct priviledge of hearing Obama chastising private citizens for not paying their fair share.

Can anyone in their right mind justify Obama’s insistence on more goverment spending after reading this?

via The New York Times:

Heads rolled there on Monday — the top official, Martha Johnson, fired her top two deputies, and then resigned in disgrace — hours before the agency’s inspector general released a blandly titled “Final Management Deficiency Report,” whose contents were anything but bland about the conference at the M Resort Spa Casino. Its details — $58,808 for “audio visual services;” a “networking reception” where the fare included “Petit Beef Wellington” and 1,000 sushi rolls at $7 apiece; $147,000 for airfare and lodging; a $75,000 “bicycle building project” designed as a “team-building exercise” — were enough to prompt people in Las Vegas to wish, as the old saw goes, that what happened there would have stayed there.

“The perceptions are lousy,” said Sig Rogich, a Republican fund-raiser in Nevada who also knows Washington well, from his days as an assistant to the elder President George Bush. Mr. Rogich defended his city: “This is a bargain place to stay, you can eat and sleep and be entertained here for a fraction of the cost of any place in the world.”


Of course no sane person would ever!  But Obama would and does.  His every speech highlights this “need” for more tax revenue.  And then, as if cued inperceptibly by some demonic clock hidden in a closet someplace; taxpayers are presented with this affrontery to each and every hour they spend working to pay taxes.

Let’s be very clear here folks.  We do not have a revenue problem, the US Government has a spending problem!  It appears that all of the responsible people are out working, and the drunks have control of the government checkbook and credit cards!!  While they spend this nation into oblivion with ridiculous programs and “research” projects into the sexual habits of shrimp, I’m working six hours per week to pay my taxes.  

Because I owe the government as much money as they want!  I mean the sushi isn’t going to pay for itself…  Gaaaah!!


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