No amount of coercion will normalize homosexuality

Being homosexual isn’t normal. No amount of legal, or social coercion will make it so. We can agree to “live and let live”, but to force heterosexuals to lie about it, condone it and promote it will no longer fly.

Via Mark Steyn:

Actually, “the next step” is for you thugs to push off and stop targeting, threatening and making demands of those who happen to disagree with you. Personally, I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for the GLAAD executive board to sit down with half-a-dozen firebreathing imams and learn about their values, but, unlike the Commissars of the Bureau of Conformity Enforcement, I accord even condescending little ticks like the one above the freedom to arrange his own social calendar. Unfortunately, GLAAD has had some success with this strategy, prevailing upon, for example, the Hollywood director Brett Ratner to submit to GLAAD re-education camp until he had eaten sufficient gay crow to be formally rehabilitated with a GLAAD “Ally” award.

How interesting that even with all of the energy the Homosexual Lobby puts into normalizing “gayness” most Americans are still fervently opposed to it? Children revile it. Nearly all Americans when asked if they would prefer a homosexual child say no. There really isn’t any way around the truth. Yet the grievance industry pushes on, insisting that to simply quote the Bible is bigotry.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it here, sexual choice is nothing like ethnic reality. Homosexuality is no where near parity with racial distinction. And normalizing homosexuality will never be fully achieved.

Featured image via UK Daily Mail.

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    Momof11 30 December, 2013 at 11:14 Reply

    Thank you, Stacy, for being willing to speak out! I was just thinking this very same thought after reading about the Rose Parade’s attempt to promote and normalize homosexual “marriage” by allowing it to take place on a float. No matter how they sugar coat or dress it up we are physically designed to be a man with a woman. And truthfully, in a homosexual relationship there is *always* a male/female role. Still can’t get away from God’s perfect design, can they? Comparing it to race is just plain insulting, on so many levels.
    You really do speak for the majority of Americans, even if they won’t admit it in this politically correct atmosphere. Be strong. Be vocal. For all of us!

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    1wanderingtruthseeker 30 December, 2013 at 12:11 Reply

    Thanks for posting this. I had a lesbian tell me the reason she was gay was because, “Look at me. What man would want me?” She was a large girl. I’m a big girl and still like my men, no women. At least sexually.

    • Avatar
      nybay 1 January, 2014 at 19:19 Reply

      The way i see it there’s a guy for every girl. Some men like their women with meat. Truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t visit lesbianism even if I couldn’t land a guy. Maybe it was just a cop out on her part, giving it a different twist so it would make you pity her rather than judge her? (not that you’re a judgey person, i don’t know you, but to most all homosexuals, non-homosexuals are always judging.)

  3. Avatar
    nybay 1 January, 2014 at 19:13 Reply

    Maybe you’re approaching this the wrong way? Check out my post on homosexuality & religion to see my way of looking at it. I may be right or wrong, just my 2 cents. (its free, might as well take it lol)

    Am I against the practice of homosexuality? Of course, just as i’m against a lot of things, robbery, pedophilia, the porn industry, rape.

    But where do we draw the line when it comes to forcing our way onto people? Shouldn’t we practice a “live and let live” way of living, unless the way of living infringes on the rights of the helpless/the young/the meek?

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    L 6 January, 2014 at 18:20 Reply

    Thank You Stacey,
    I agree 100 %! People who are homosexuals are are trying any way they are able. To persuade, convince,and rationalize
    it’s normal to be homosexual.
    They know its wrong and I believe in their minds are trying to establish an ethnic equality. They, in my opinion are confused.
    Never waiver from what you know that God has said.

  5. Avatar
    Steven W. 18 September, 2014 at 11:28 Reply

    I agree 100%. The level of self-delusion that exists in people who try to equate sexual orientation with race is extreme. Their thought control manipulations will never work on anyone with a living, thinking brain.

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