Obamas presidency takes its toll on all of us…

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    Mary Bess Green 16 September, 2013 at 15:15 Reply

    Hi Stacy, I read you every day and always agree.  Two things I’ve noticed today:  A message I just got from the GOPfive minutes ago reports “1 dead, 2 injured” in the Navy Yard shooting.  RINOs are right on top of everything as usual!

    Also, when Obama announced (two hours ago….it was a bit more respectful than the day of Ft. Hood, not much)  about the Navy Yard shooting, did anyone else notice that the two women behind him seemed to think it was awfully funny?  They were smirking so….it made we wonder what he said before the cameras rolled.  His lack of class makes me physically ill.

    Thanks for listening.  


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