Occupy on it’s way to St. Louis MO

Hide your kids! Hide your wife!  As has been noted extensively by your intrepid blogger and others, regular folks just aren’t safe when Occupiers roll into town.  Yet, they are indeed coming. 


Photo credit: Stacy

via PoliticMo:

OCCUPY — ‘600 expected in St. Louis for Occupy the Midwest conference; at least 4 protests planned,’ AP: “This week’s Occupy the Midwest gathering in St. Louis is more than a reawakening of the movement that took hold last fall — it is illustrative of the next phase of the effort, organizers and participants said Wednesday. At least 600 people from nearly 20 cities, mostly Midwestern but some from as far away as New England, are expected for the conference. It runs Thursday through Sunday and will begin with a march to the Gateway Arch at 5 p.m. Thursday.” http://bit.ly/wmOAvM 

This time, there will be no camping according to the Parks Service.  Thank God.


photo credit: Stacy


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