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Open Beast is a lifestyle magazine that profiles people of all walks of life and genre’s providing very interesting content for their readers.  They recently reached out to me for an interview.  Click here to go to the entire article and the fabulous website:


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Talk to us about your Operation Desert Shield experience?

I was sent over for one 90 day TDY to Saudi Arabia. I stayed in the Khobar Towers. The very same ones that were bombed the summer after I returned from my tour. One of my Dorm mates (just across the hall) was killed in the bombing. I saw so much of what Sharia Law is, how it is enforced and what a tool of oppressive aggression it is against women. I enjoyed being there for my tour, but I thanked God many a day that my home country is America. My freedoms were in stark relief against what I saw there.

What’s your take on Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of well meaning, wrongheaded college kids that borrowed way too much during college and can’t get jobs. Those kids have been surrounded and taken control of by MORE (read the now defunct ACORN of prostitution ring sting fame) and SEIU organizers. Now the movement has devolved into a melee of rape, disease and murder and is an all out embarrassment to our civilized society. Occupy is nothing like the Tea Party and holds no sway in civilized discussions of policy and our current political debate.



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