O’Reilly sets the race issue on fire: David Webb responds

Monday night Bill O’Reilley, host of The Factor on Fox News lost his cool and got honest about the real issues facing blacks in America.

O’Reilley stated what is widely accepted as truth supported by studies, and statistical data: that the breakdown of the family is the centerpiece of the destruction that emanates from every corner of inner cities.

Reacting to the much needed rant last night are Sirius XM Radio host David Webb and civil rights activist Alveda King.

What say you?

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    Pete 24 July, 2013 at 15:45 Reply

    The problem is that Bill O’Reilly I s correct. The question is: “What will the African-American leadership, both elected and self-imposed, do about it. Every liberal African-American that I viewed on his program offered no comment in attempting to honestly deal with the problem. All they offered are more “conversations”. All of us who possess African ancestry can see with our eyes what is occurring within the African-American community. Those who propose possible solutions are called names and are said to betray the communities they desire to raise up. Though one-quarter of my ancestry is from African, I still take an interest and pride in opportunity for all who have African ancestry. I agree with Bill. We must get the out-of-wedlock/fatherless births down. We know that is it hurting the resultant children from these births. Advocate for more formal education. We also know that the more formal education one has the greater opportunity one will have for employment. More employment within the African-American communities and self pride. The African American woman needs help as they raise children. Deadbeat fathers anger me to no end!!!! I hate the idea of having a child out there that I did not help take care of. My children, and I have some, are precious to me, especially my daughters! I consider gutless a man who would not take care of his children!!! I also believe we must be responsible for what we do or fail to do. I don’t except excuses! I just do not see much change due to the race baiters and race hustlers who are a scourge of the African-American and the African-American community. Racism is not the scourge. These men and women are! There are a plethora of African American men and women who have achieved and are succeeding: Oprah, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Bill Cosby, Dr. Jennifer Bains, Dr. Condezza Rice and many, many others! I say “Come On”! There are no excuses for the garbage I am seeing in the African American communities around this country!!!!

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    renee 24 July, 2013 at 16:32 Reply

    I think he is spot on!! I Know that this is also the case in white communities as well, so what I think is we need to address the issue with all Americans.. Look at all the poor places and it is the case.. I think the glamourizing the pregnancies the songs all of it is the down fall of the American dream.. I think that it is more of it in the black communities and he was right, but why and I wish we as Americans Can have that conversation, rather then get our heads chewed when we say what the facts are. I am sick of walking on egg shells. If I get asked my opinion and it isn’t what that person wanted to here then I am raciest, enough of that.. we all have things in our cultures that we need to rise above.. and we can do it with leaders speaking about the truth!! I frankly wish Bill would run for president cause I really think he CARES for people.. just because he is hard on things it does not mean he is not caring on the contrary I feel this is what it takes, fair, and truthful. I feel like maybe because I was raised in group homes where I was told what was what, it was not sugar coated and the fact was I was Raised in group homes with Black house keepers and you know what they were hard workers and they seemed to care for us all regardless of what our skin was, this is where I come from.. so to me it is youth in general not just blacks.. but I got to say all this stuff blacks keep saying does make some resentment come up and I pray that will go away.. I care about every peoples. not just one kind.. I think we need to tell the truth of the problem and find solutions, but I heard some one call Obama a black leader and Al Sharpton a Black leader but I thought if he is a President he is a leader for all of us? I thought that a CIVIL rights man was for equal rights for ALL men? Why are things being separated? If you want equality lets not have United Negro college funds, I had one class left to finish with an associate degree, when I was younger, but I had JTPA and Gov funding to help pay for the school but they ran out of money for the last year, second half.. I was poor I had two babies I was young I worked as a waitress but I was white my black friend got to finish, why because she was black. I was white she had extra funding.. I didn’t get out raged, I was sad, I had a dream of being a nurse. My grades was a B average.. that was in the 90’s now tell me was that equality? where was my civil rights leader..?

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    justturnright 24 July, 2013 at 18:31 Reply

    Of course, Bill is being pilloried for his honest discussion…, which is proof positive that what the Left most certainly DOESN’T want is a “discussion” on race.
    They want a monologue.

    Thanks for posting this…

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    Patrick 24 July, 2013 at 21:35 Reply

    I watched that show and what he said was honest and accurate. The truth in this case, is difficult to hear. If you are black, you know that 73% of black children being born into single parent homes, usually no “dad”, is going to lead to issues and problems for the children…and the stats bear that out. You won’t see the majority of black leadership (read that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) address it, because they make a nice, rich, wealthy career out of race-baiting and trying to sell the black community that they are “owed” something. Nope, not anymore. Its all been paid back with interest. But, as long as Big Al and Shyster Sharpton, can keep hawking their “woe is us” for money, they will. Black Americans must wake up and realize they’ve chosen the wrong leaders to follow. Might I suggest Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson are MUCH BETTER leaders of the black community? Thanks Bill O’Reilly, for getting an honest conversation started about race in America and what the “real” causes of conflict are. Now, let’s work on the problem, regardless of your color, we’ve got to start saving and protecting the lives of young black children in America and it starts by seeing to it they have a loving mother & father to raise them! God bless.

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    Stephanie Snyder Staker 25 July, 2013 at 00:21 Reply

    Wow, O’Reilly really hit the nail on the head as did Dr. King and David Webb. I just hate what is happening – with the division among us. What happened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream? What happened to being judged by the content of our character? As I have said before in comments, I lived in the South in the 50’s and 60’s and I saw what real racism was. In the other parts of the U.S., it was not as overt but it was still there. The backlash that Stacy gets as well Bill Cosby, Dr. King, etc. get is ludicrous but here is the point to me. We can’t have “conversations” if those we talk to accuse us of being racist just because we don’t agree with them!! This business of being offended has gotten so out of hand that it is silly. What someone says to me is their opinion. Our feelings about something may or may not be based in reality and the important thing is that we CHOOSE our feelings and the reactions to those feelings. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. But don’t start calling me names, going on hate rants, or threatening me because you FEEL offended! The feeling is your choice. More and more of us need to say this instead of being intimidated. I speak of myself here the most. 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Julie Reimann 25 July, 2013 at 14:57 Reply

    I don’t always agree with everything Bill O’Reilly says, but he was spot-on this time. The government “take-over” of African-Americans has enslaved them all over again. 100 years ago, the divorce rate of blacks was next to nothing. After LBJ stepped in with welfare, the black family disintegrated, gangs replaced the family, and as a result, drug abuse, homelessness, and crime went on a rampage. In other words, government replaced God. My belief is that the socialist experiment worked in the eyes of the socialists because it keeps them in power; now, they want to enslave the rest of our country. I am thankful for those people of all colors that are brave enough to take a stand against the crooked left-wing leaders in Washington.

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    Margaret 26 July, 2013 at 13:09 Reply

    Dr. King is right. Until the freedom of morality is conciously communicated unambiguously in the black community, the false-value behaviors encouraged by liberals, Planned Parenthood, political and social leaders, women’s television programs, teachers who have not raised up children in the classroom, and celebrated by the news media will continue to destroy the black community from within. Shouting down the relentless drone from the liberal establishment is necessary in every home. How can the white community which has recognized the obstacles for decades be supportive? We all want to see success, stability, and wealth and a strong, vibrant black community, because a strong, vibrant black community enriches all our lives, our friendships, our churches, our schools, our towns. We ache for our brothers and sisters who are lost, and have no leader(s) in their own communities who lead by modeling and celebrating the strength of a mother and father who are living as one, worshipping, and raising children to imitate Christ in their own lives. No one should feel a sense of entitlement to a miserable life; two-parent stable families and the freedom of moral certitude is necessary for things to turn around. No amount of federal or state investment can or will accomplish this. How do we help? The federal government continues to assault the role of faith in every aspect of our lives. Only volunteer effort, free of government regulation will have the will to sustain this effort. Lord have mercy.

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