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It is a distinct honor for me to join Project 21’s National Advisory Council.  This organization is at the forefron: providing a much needed clear voice that silences the echo chamber of the mainstream media’s overuse of the race card.  This particular post is a scathing critique of Obama’s recess non-recess appointment of Cordray to the Consumer Protection Board.  

via David Almasi:

Project 21’s Stacy Washington


Project 21 spokeswoman Stacy Washington suggests doing more.  She suggests striking the funding for the CFPB, citing both the unconstitutional nature of the Cordray appointment and the unaccountable nature of the new bureaucracy.  She says:


Using a non-recess to make a recess appointment is absolutely outside of the bounds of the Constitution.  The Congress should refuse to fund this new andlargely unaccountable appointment.  This is part and parcel of Obama’s new strategy of moving ahead with his radical agenda while circumventing the will of Congress.  At first glance, it may appear Obama had no choice — but look again!  What we are seeing in action here is a complete absence of leadership.  Without the ability to lead in the House and Senate, the President resorts to political tactics.  In the end, it’s the people of this country that lose.

Project 21’s Stacy SwimpStacy Swimp, another Project 21 spokesman, suggests a darker motivation.  He thinks that Obama is hedging his bets to compensate for his uncertain political future.  He notes:

In spite of the President’s claim that his recent “recess appointments” are granted by the Constitution, constitutional scholars such as Berkeley’s John Yooand the University of Chicago’s Richard Epstein beg to differ.

President Obama’s intention might be to position both the NLRB and CFPB to perpetuate his agenda beyond his possible tenure and to maintain their ability to successfully facilitate big government politicians and enable the unauthorized and possibly unlawful regulatory abuses by executive agencies.

In the final analysis, Obama’s appointments serve as not only a bold disregard of the powers granted to Congress, but indicate a unending commitment to undermining the constitutional principles of free enterprise and open and fair competition.  Through these NLRB appointments, for example, Obama has assured that — at least until 2013 — the NLRB is equipped to wage warfare against all who oppose unfair labor practices, forced unionism and economic exploitation of the American taxpayers. 


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