Romney Bus Circles, Honks Obama — Again | Buzzfeed

BOSTON — For the second time in as many weeks, Mitt Romney’s campaign taunted President Barack Obama outside a speech.

Romney’s campaign bus circled Obama’s fundraiser at Boston Symphony Hall Monday night several times, according to Romney deputy press secretary Ryan Williams and verified by several onlookers who said it was honking its horn as it passed.

Williams told BuzzFeed that the bus made “a few” laps before local police closed the roads around the venue before Obama’s arrival. They plan on bringing the bus back after Obama leaves to attend another fundraiser.

Earlier this month in Cleveland, the Romney bus circled the venue Obama was speaking at and honked its horn several times.

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The Obama campaign has to be having really awkward meetings to discuss how much fun the Romney campaign is having.   And how scary that is: for them. Romney pulled another “hey look at this” move when the campaign bus circled an Obama fundraiser and honked the horn repeatedly, proving that Romney does indeed have a sense of humor and is enjoying the campaign trail immensely.

It doesn’t hurt that the Romney bus looks sleek, cool and new; not a bit hopey changey at all.


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