Some of the reasons that Obama has never been my president…

Barack Obama's family

Barack Obama’s family (Photo credit: Ethan Hein)

Apparently President Obama has forgotten when he rammed through socialized healthcare.  He wasn’t my president when he defended Sandra Fluke’s ridiculous craving for me to fund her outlandishly large personal birth control costs.  When Barack Obama funneled criminal sums to his campaign donors in the green energy industry, knowing beforehand that those firms were teetering on the brink of insolvency, he wasn’t doing that for me!

The most telling example of President Obamas utter disdain for voters like myself is his continual close ties and support of Cecile Richards the CEO of Planned Parenthood and their Eugenics based pro abortion agenda.  The idea that my tax dollars should be funneled to this organization against my will, with his support is disgusting.

President Obama supports wealth redistribution.  His idea of being the president of the entire country is that those of us working and doing well, should have an amount of money determined by him summarily removed from our pockets and given to his cronies, and special interest constituents.   Interestingly, President Obama  isn’t voluntarily redistributing his $11 million net worth to the needy and poor, his charitable giving stands at a measly 1 percent.

Let’s not even get me started on the President’s evolution on Homosexual Marriage.  This is an effrontery to the idea that he is a Bible believing Christian.  What is so bad about same sex marriage?  Well that’s a slippery slope that American children should never be subjected to, with far reaching and regrettable  consequences.

So the essential question is when does he start governing as if he’s representing me?  I realize that as a Democrat, there is very little that he can do that will really float my boat.  But if he made an attempt to simply acknowledge the existence of roughly 50 percent of us that righteously disagree with almost every thing he does while he’s awake, it would be a real improvement.  Conversely, he can continue on the failed path he has set for himself and this country for the past 3 plus years and we’ll deal with this at the ballot box in November.

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    Dana 20 September, 2012 at 16:21 Reply

    Stacy, you are spot on! He has an agenda however it is not for the good of our country. Let’s vote this rogue out in November.

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