St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay doesn’t like questions… #SOTR

The rally downtown St. Louis today was a lopsided mass of finger pointing and otherwise worthless dribble.  Once the rally was over, we sallied over to Mayor Slay to ask him if he supported the suggestions of Dr. Flood, regarding yielding the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations.  Here’s what he had to say to me:

My thanks to Jim Hoft for filming that bit of realism between myself and the Mayor.

Here’s another view of the exchange:

Please understand as I do, that he may have been a bit miffed to be asked a question that required him to register an actual opinion in the affirmative or negative.  This isn’t his normal routine as his job consists mostly of fundraising, visiting sites and locations to cut ribbons, and other fluffy non-confrontational stuff.  We get that.

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    Edw Schoettle 31 March, 2013 at 19:59 Reply

    I’ve known Mayor Slay since he was a junior alderman. He tries to answer (sometimes) when he supplied background information. He was NOT prepared for Dr Flood nor the talking points from (if, you can believe that.) The progressive liberal extremists (guided by Ms.Valerie Jarret) have taken off their mittens and getting down and dirty for 2014. I honestly believe Mayor Slay will not advance to a higher political plateau. He is not a part of Chicago gangster politics. (His dad didn’t prepare him for being a total thief.)

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    Robert M 20 July, 2013 at 12:25 Reply

    Stacy, I live in Marin County about 25 min north of San Francisco. Marin is a big lib county. I was able to catch some of your Friday show filling in for Dana, nice job. To see your Mayor walk away from you in the middle of a question was mind blowing. Pond scum like this is the reason our Country is in the mess it is. Please start kicking until this pompas trash is kicked out of office. Keep up the great work.

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