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this is about peace in the region etc
the president define those exercises
north a summit is not in a compliment
for the American president Brian it is a
major accomplishment for Kim Jong with
past is prologue we can’t believe
anything the North Koreans tell us we’re
just actually seeing spring training
here instead of the World Series all
right that was a rather cynical view of
the meeting the President had with the
North Korean leader I could have just as
easily gone back in time to the
overtures Barack Obama was making to the
Cubans remember that and all the rage on
the right about that so we know how this
game is played but right now the
consensus of this seems to be in the
mainstream media for lack of a better
term a lot of raised eyebrows and
concern that the president might have
gotten hoodwinked are they’re saying
well this might be the start of
something that’s probably one of the
kind of reads syndicated radio host AC
Washington Democratic strategist Rob
enviro and Axios reporter Elena
Treena Elena I’ll go to you and I do
remember how many on the right responded
to Barack Obama’s overtures to the
Cubans eventually to try to normalize
relations these things are not usually
responded to favorably by the opposition
party so I get that I get what I’m
seeing right now and the board of many
on the Left and the media but isn’t it
better to to make overtures isn’t it
better to talk than the alternative well
that’s exactly what several are arguing
especially from the Trump administration
but a lot of experts as well as the
reaction we’ve been seeing from
Washington is essentially conscious
optimism of course Berry’s own degrees
of cautious too optimistic but what
people are really saying or it’s great
that the president has come to the table
he’s met with Kim jong-un they have
established a wrapper with which is what
the president loves to do when he comes
into these meetings but really what
we’re looking at now is what comes next
the meeting didn’t really and the
document that they signed didn’t really
including details didn’t promise
anything that’s verifiable and so
looking forward what the administration
and the media and critics are really
looking for is what
and snacks in the details of that well
it didn’t implode like neither left the
table and a half or did anything like
some of my relatives do at picnics or
party so so you could look at that Robin
and say alright there’s it’s good on
that count I kind of think everything
went according to what most people
thought it without not with enormous a
detailed you know plans for
denuclearization but but broad goals and
and so it kind of went almost a script
even though we don’t have an exact
script what do you think you know I
think we did the best that we could with
this leading up to this I know that kim
jeong-hoon was asked three times if he
was gonna do total in the
denuclearization and ignored the
reporters so the fact that we’ve at
least started this we’ve got a document
we’ve got some sort of a framework
granted there’s not really much concrete
in there so let’s not get out the
pom-poms right now and celebrate this
but I agree you know I’m a half glass
full kind of a guy so I really want this
to go well it’s in the best interest of
not just America but the entire world
that bomb that they dropped in the ocean
in October was bigger than the one in
Hiroshima so we really do need to be
making progress here and I think it’s a
so I’m tired of some of the cognitive
dissonance on both sides Neil you know
what’s kind of weird about it Stacy and
I believe me I’m a fan of people talking
rather than people you know threatening
and warring so that’s a gimme but I do
find it odd that we got to this point
with Kim jong-un simply because he has
lied and cheated so often in the past
and built this nuclear arsenal that his
bad behavior is getting him pretty good
treatment and try to explain that to
your kids if one is doing everything he
should and the other guy isn’t and the
guy who isn’t is getting all the good
stuff well you know Neil one of the
things that I think we kind of ignore in
this situation with North Korea is the
dynamic so if we were dealing with some
kids you know so American kids who’ve
been raised with right and wrong and
know not to hit and kick and bite and
punch and they make mistakes and their
weapons that’s that doesn’t make sense
sure yeah but but we’re talking about a
dictatorship a regime that literally
still has gulags and things that we
haven’t heard of for almost a hundred
years when the height of you know
communism and all of that so
I like to temper the expectations it’s
not that I was looking for you know
basically sex on the first date they
just met this is their first time
looking each other in the eye now that
they’ve established just the initial
first teensy-weensy little bite where
they can actually have a relationship
relationship kneel now we can move
forward cautiously and tentatively and I
want to point out that everyone’s
getting upset about President Trump
saying that the exercises the war games
are going to be you know postponed or
canceled they’re still on the schedule
nothing has changed so if 90 days from
now there’s a lot of drama going on
those war games will still happen so I
think you know give President Trump a
little bit of credit and also temper the
the you know the cheerleading and just
understand it was the first bite it was
very profound comma but I still can’t
get past the sex on the first date thing
in the images that sensing you have the
president innovative another meeting
another powwow maybe even a White House
visit for the North Korean leader how do
you feel about that well that is just a
huge win for North Korea for the fact
that someone who has these human rights
abuses would be invited to the White
House as a huge when we’ve never seen
this before obviously that historic
handshake was the first time a u.s.
president has done that with the North
Korean leader of any of these regimes
but so that’s a huge win and that’s also
something that a lot of critics are
pointing to with the positioning of the
flags that they were considered equals
because the North Korean flag was placed
right next to the American flag this is
something that Kim jong-un can take back
home and people there will be so
impressed with this as well as those
pictures of him touring Singapore but
looking at a meeting also I think that
what the president has to do is also
make sure that he’s tempering
expectations there’s not much that the
North Koreans can do really right now in
a sense of following up on these two are
you saying a robber I’ll click on the
flag thing I mean there were only two
countries involved I mean we’re gonna
put ours on a pedestal and there isn’t a
little thing I’m look on the dashboard
of the car I think that was much ado
about nothing
but what do you think yeah I completely
agree with you you know what I’m happy
about though is that we’re keeping the
tariffs in place for North Korea
that’s smart and I think Pompeo was had
a masterful move when he said you know
if you’re serious about this start
sending your nuclear weapons over for
denuclearization and put your money
where your mouth is so I trust Pompeo
he’s only been on the job for six weeks
and I think he’s doing a great job and
nikki Haley as well you know they’re
gonna really hold their feet to the fire
that I’m glad to see Neal all right I
wanna thank you all very very much some
historical perspective here before we
close out this segment I want to read to
you a line from the I believe the New
York Times they will never talk to each
other the fact that they will ever
recognize each other is naive on the
part of the administration these talks
are all show no substance nothing will
come of them good luck at Camp David
referring to the Camp David Accords that
resulted in Israel and Egypt recognizing
each other and to this day doing
business with each other don’t laugh
don’t dismiss don’t be so cynical
regardless of your views of the
President or North Korea remember
history and remember consensus that is
often proven wrong morph to this
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