Stacy on the Right Show Prep: The Gin is Everything Edition

On the May 28th, 2016 Stacy on the Right Show we interviewed Jay Ashcroft and had our Certified Wine Sommelier Alisha Blackwell in to teach us about Gin.  Let me tell you, Gin is actually really good.  Why have I been depriving myself all of these years?
Alisha in studio with her selections….
We discussed the horrors of losing a loved one to war time service and the awful behavior displayed by President Obama in visiting Hiroshima and making it clear that he feels we bombed Japan in “anger”.  His actions are deserving of a censure by Congress but this limp wristed ditherers will never step up to do that.  In case you need reference material for a proper rebuttal over your barbecue supper, here is a fantastic piece that describes  exactly what atrocities the Japanese were up to before they attacked us without a declaration of war and rampaged through China.
Audio Clip 6: Crooked Hillary Gets Caught Lying Again


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