Teacher with rogue middle finger demonstrates proper bullying technique

The video showcases the product of a public education system  peppered with weeks of no contact days for teachers; enabling them to attend required continuing education classes?  These are the same educators tasked with teaching public school children Character Education eh?

Don’t the same ladies teachers lecture the public on the need to tolerate their views and beliefs, all the while refusing to permit educational choice for the children of the very parents that pay their salaries?  Public schools are union shops, the behavior demonstrated is nothing more than bullying someone for speaking up for educational choice.

Note the ever present middle finger. It’s quite charming isn’t it?

Video brought to you by Pundit Pete:

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  1. Avatar
    Laura 4 May, 2014 at 17:00 Reply

    Wow! That is so unbelievable! Please tell me she’s not really a teacher… please tell me she’s someone’s friend they paid to come give the finger to all their opposition.

  2. Avatar
    Michael 4 May, 2014 at 18:24 Reply

    Where is the proof that anyone in the audience is a teacher. There are parents that feel the same way about charter schools.

  3. Avatar
    padre67 5 May, 2014 at 13:47 Reply

    Stacey, trying to watch a video that freezes and one cannot get it to move forward is not only a waste of time but is also frustrating,


  4. Avatar
    Cheryl 5 May, 2014 at 15:48 Reply

    Hey Stacy, please don’t think all public schools are union shops. In my district, few of the teachers even join the union! I am ( and so are many of my colleagues) hard core Republican! A few bad apples don’t spoil the bunch, but they sure do get a lot of the press!

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