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Via The St. Louis Beacon:

It’s the economy, stupid. Or is it?

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7:16 am on Tue, 06.12.12

But Stacy Washington, 39, of Olivette said while the economy will be high on her list in November, her major concern is Obama’s overall job performance, which she rates as poor.

“The president doesn’t actually create jobs, he just fosters an environment where job creators can create jobs — and not growing the size of government to a place where the private sector can’t compete or create jobs,’’ she said. “It’s a complex formula, but I rate the president very poorly on creating and fostering an environment for job creators.’’

Stacy WashingtonStacy Washington

Washington, who served four years in the U.S. Air Force as a weapons system analyst, describes herself as a conservative who votes Republican. She writes a blog titled Stacy On The Right, where her tag line is “Argue the facts, since your race card won’t work here.” She is a member of the Ladue School Board, does political consulting and appears as a commenter on a local radio talk show. But she says that all takes second seat to her role as a mother to three children, ages 8 to 12.

“My No. 1 job is mom, but I do wear a lot of hats, and I’m blessed to be able to do that because my husband is gainfully employed and he feels like what I’m doing is important,’’ she said.

Washington believes that Obama has not fulfilled his promise of being a uniter who would help move the nation forward to a post-racial America.

“There has been more polarization and more name-calling and more angst about everything, including race,’’ she said. “It’s been really disappointing because just a few well-chosen words could have smoothed and helped. And instead it’s been a lot of incendiary rhetoric coming from him and from the left and the right, and everyone’s participating in it. At this point it’s not going to stop, and it’s only going to get worse going into November.’’

She said Obama has been intransigent on key issues, including the economy.

“The job of the presidency is not just to govern from the right or the left,’’ she said. 

Washington said she voted for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008. Despite being critical of Republican Mitt Romney during the Missouri primary, she plans to vote for him in November.

“If I look at Romney and Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is the better choice, but I did spend a considerable amount of time cataloging his flip-flopping and all the things I felt that he didn’t do that would preclude him from winning the Republican nomination. I didn’t get my way, so I am coalescing behind the nominee.’’

This is an excerpt.  Read the rest here.



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