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*UPDATED~ Okay ya’ll here are the hits of the day in preparation for tomorrow.  Lot’s to cover, lots to look at and discuss:

Paul Ryan Campaigning in Pennsylvania (8/21/12)

Paul Ryan Campaigning in Pennsylvania (8/21/12) (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

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    John 15 September, 2012 at 10:24 Reply

    What’s to blame former Pres Bush for??? Mr Bushj didn’t have his feet on the ground yet at the time of the 9/11 attack. Recall that a month was lost by Gore trying to overturn the election. Recall that Mr Bush didn’t have his government in place because of the short time period and that the democraps were purposely holding up his appointments. He did however hold over Klinton’s terrorism Czar, Richard Clarke.

    There is someone however to blame for the failures that led to 9/11. And that someone is William Jefferson Klinton. It is Klinton who had a policy of appeasement towards Islamic terrorism. It is Klinton who turned down 3 opportunities to take bin Laden. It is Klinton who appeased 5 major attacks on the U.S. or U.S. entities/interests, and bin Laden said in an interview with one of the Neworks (I think ABC) that it was Klinton’s retreat from Somalia that encouraged al Qaeda to begin planning the 9/11 attack, seeing that the U.S. would not take casualties. It is Klinton who received a PDB (president’s daily briefing) on Dec 4, 1998 that said that al Qaeda was planning on using planes to attack the U.S. Klinton did nothing, took no steps at protecting the U.S. from terror attack. Set nothing in place. The day Klinton was elected president, it was set in stone that 3000 people would die on 9/11/01. Not to speak of all the people since. APPEASEMENT ALWAYS EMBOLDENS AND ENCOURAGES OUR ENEMIES. If the world hadn’t appeased Hitler there probably wouldn’t have been a WWII. The terrorists like the communists and nazis look for weakness, are emboldened by weakness.

    Remember that the democraps had blocked the Balanced Budget Amendment. Klinton was no different than the usual socialist in the party he belonged to, he proposed a $trillion stimulus that failed by just one vote (the dems still controlled congress), and that along with HillaryCare, if it had been enacted would have bankrupted the nation like ObamaCare will do if it isn’t repealed. The American people saw what Klinton was about and overwhelmingly put republicans in control of both houses of congress in 1994. Thereupon, Klinton, the pragmatist, began to coopt republican programs, such as welfare reform, etc., that the democraps had blocked for years. The republicans for their part upon taking office announced that they were going to go about business as if the Balanced Budget Amendment was in place. And they did until much later when Bush II, touting his “compassionate conservatism” caused them to stray some from that edict (nowhere close to socialists (democrappers) though. So you see that the left is offbase, purposely in some cases and due to ignroance in other cases when they tout Klinton for “balancing the budget.” Socialists, will always spend more money and therefore always be looking to taxes for increased revenues. They can’t understand increasing revenues (such as Reagan doubling revenues from $500 billion to a $trillion during his tenure), by way of increasing the tax base through reduced taxes and overburdensome regulation (increased job growth). Trickle down is a derogatory term for Supply Side Economics. A term meant to discredit the theory. It is the alternative to Marxian and Keynesian economics. We know from empirical evidence which theory actually works, but the left is hell-bent on marxism.

    Remember that the democraps were charging the lending industry with racism because they were not lending to people who couldn’t make the payments on the loans. Jimmah Kaatah had installed the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and the democraps Klinton, Reno and HUD Secty Andrew Cuomo, using the charge: ‘discriminatory lending’ forced banks to make these subprime loans, putting the threat of the federal government behind the threat. ACORN was also invading Bank lobbies and protesting (agitating) for subprime lending. Fanny Mae bought up around $6 trillion of this bad paper (which the taxpayer wojuld eventually be liable for). Federal Regulators were warning (see 2005 House Banking Committee Meeting) that Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae were fast becoming insolvent, further that Fanny’s managers were cooking the books in order to give themselves huge bonuses. The managers were Klinton cronies such as Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Jim Johnson, etc. Going on the advise of the Federal Regulators, who said if these two GSE’s weren’t reformed the economy would go in the tank, republicans advocated reform, but were blocked by the democraps charging racism (Raines was black), and were able to thwart the reform. The housing bubble thus created finally burst in 2008 and the economy went in the tank. At another date in the 2000’s Pres Bush tried to reform these two GSE’s and was shot down by democraps charging that Bush just wanted to hurt poor people. The Seminary Work on this debacle has been produced in the form of a book by Gretchen Morgenson, Business Editor of the NY Slimes: Reckless Endangerment.

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    John 16 September, 2012 at 10:45 Reply

    I should add that when the crap hit the fan in 2008, the democraps, knowing their culpability, turned on a dime and began to call it ‘predatory lending’. Klinton actually came out at first and said that it was his party who was to blame, that they had blocked the reform advocated by the federal regulators and the republicans. After he had been kicked in the shins he clammed up about that. Barney Frank also said at the start that it was sub-prime lending that led to the fiasco. It didn’t take long though before democrappers were obfuscating and looking for other “causes.”

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