Tune in: I’m filling in for @TheSamSorboShow from 9-12noon EST today!!!

Tune into your local Talk Radio Network affiliate today to hear me guest host the nationally syndicated Sam Sorbo Show!

Sam and I met at Education Policy Conference last year as speakers, I was scheduled to speak just after her! She brought the house down standing ovation style as only a international model and TV/movie star can do.

After our panel finished, Sam and I connected and it was instant friendship. It’s truly an honor to hold the mic her in stead on her number 7 in the nation rated talk radio show!

Today we will talk Loretta Lynch, Obama wants the DNA of 1 million Americans and Mitt Romneys upcoming 2016 announcement (that’s happening today!) We have fantastic audio and all of the top news the dead tree media refused to cover!

Tune in or Hillary Clinton forces us all to wear pantsuits!!!


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    bill burt 30 January, 2015 at 21:52 Reply

    I missed it, we had a 10:00 appointment to take my 14 year old garage queen to South County BMW, for the air bag recall. I see that some of my friends obviously were able to tune in; possibly someone recorded the show. Would have been good to hear a common sense discussion about Loretta Lynch, since it’s even possible she could be worse than Holder. There was a time I thought Janet Reno was as bad as it could get, and she was responsible for 60+ murders at Waco.

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