Yeah. Cauliflower is SO racist y’all.

Is cauliflower the Vegetable of Oppression?
Betcha didn’t know that cheesy riced cauliflower you’re eating for lunch is racist but it is according to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 
In yet another mind blowing trip into the banalities of her intellect, AOC is found wandering through a community garden lamenting the produce grown there because “white colonialism” or something. 
Yes my friends, lurking amongst the flora (if there is cauliflower present) are the seeds of colonial environmentalism. Instead of encouraging blacks to grow veg they are familiar with like yucca plants, oppressors offer cauliflower, which is white, which means it’s bad.
You gotta admit that AOC has skills.  This woman can twist a delicious vegetable into a symbol of dastardly colonial oppression. 
Of course, I’m already planning a Colonial Cauliflower mac and cheese for our next Sunday brunch at home. My family will love it.
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