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PragerU: The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans

The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans by Taleeb Starkes Spoiler Alert: race isn’t in the top five.  The act of telling the truth about what ails blacks in America is taken as an act of war.  Until we can name the problem, and identify concrete steps to find solutions, nothing will improve. Transcript: What […]
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The Pentatonic Musical Scale is a part of us all

Music always brightens my day.  To see someone uses music to show the inherent connectedness that exists between us all, even in the midst of so much negativity is a treat. In this video, musical genius Bobby McFerrin utilizes audience participation to reveal how much the Pentatonic Musical scale is a part of each of us.  So […]
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ICYMI: My Message to the Black Community

In case you missed it, I shot this video the afternoon of the Dallas police shootings just hours before it happened.  I got a ton of blow back for focusing on what ails our community instead of decrying violence by police and so on.  I stand by the video, because “fixing” black America isn’t a […]

Lack of good night’s sleep causes memory loss!

This is news to me, as it’s no secret that I’m not a great sleeper.  There are new studies out linking a lack of sleep to dementia and Alzheimer’s so this is serious business!  Some swear by Melatonin, Valerian, hot baths and warm milk. Let’s take this as a wake up call to renew our efforts […]
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The elusive path to success….

Instead of focusing our energy on how many black men are shot by the police each year (stats from the government show this isn’t an epidemic at all) policy makers should prioritize the repair of black families.  Our roots as a community stem from surviving oppression; in order to stay sane we practiced our faith […]

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